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Sometimes you have to see to believe. Here you can see some of our past concrete and asphalt projects completed. Asphalt Contractors Inc is a full service asphalt and concrete services company with over 30 years of experience. We offer high level asphalt paving, asphalt maintenance, concrete and specialty services both residential and commercial. We use only the best in materials and equipment to ensure a job well done. We service throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. No job is too big or too small. For guaranteed quality, trust only the best.

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Asphalt Maintenance

Yorkville Asphalt Maintenance at School

Asphalt Paving

long asphalt driveway Bristol


Residential Cement Walkway


Asphalt Paving Equipment

Milling and Pulverizing

Asphalt milling and pulverization are two newer techniques in asphalt laying that help not only make the process of laying asphalt more efficient, but also is a huge step towards making laying asphalt a little more environmentally friendly. Milling is the process of removing the top layer of asphalt and bringing it back to a recycling facility to be reused. Pulverizing is a similar process however it is recycled on location instead of at a different facility. Asphalt Contractors Inc. takes pride in our high quality equipment and training. If you are looking for the best asphalt contractors in southeastern Wisconsin, look no further and contact our team today!

Excavation and Site Preparation

At Asphalt Contractors Inc. we have a team of highly trained excavators and top of the line equipment for excavating and preparation. We are detail oriented and will get the job done right every time. We do everything including new construction excavation, landscape grading, drainage ditches, interstate highways, shopping center developments, contouring, and so much more. Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. today for all of your Southeastern Wisconsin excavation and site preparation needs!

Custom Crushing

If you have existing concrete on your site that needs to be removed, our team is here to help. We bring our equipment on site to remove and dispose of all concrete and asphalt waste. If you prefer for us to remove the waste without bringing our crushing equipment to you, we will take it to our crushing site in Union Grove, Wisconsin to crush and dispose of it! If you have existing concrete or asphalt you need removed, call our office today for a quote!

Asphalt Manufacturing 

Asphalt Contractors Inc. is proud that we are able to manufacture our own asphalt. This is a great way for us to be able to keep costs down for our clients and know that we are providing the best quality product. Keeping the middleman out decreases third party costs making it more affordable all around. This also allows us to take a more environmentally friendly approach by recycling emissions and asphalt. Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. today for all of your asphalt needs!

Asphalt Repair

Crack filling, infrared patching, and asphalt replacement are our most common repair techniques. Asphalt is very simple to fix as long as it is well maintained and any repairs are done quickly. The worse an impurity gets the harder and more costly it gets to repair. Asphalt Contractors Inc. out of Union Grove, Wisconsin has over 40 years of experience, so when you need asphalt repair, look no further! Contact our office today for a quote!

Project Management

At Asphalt Contractors Inc, we have well experienced project managers that will help keep you project stress free and running smoothly! From planning to keeping the budget, our project managers are here for you to make your project perfect! Contact our team today to get a free quote on your project, no matter what the size!