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Asphalt Contractors Inc. delivers rapid, high-quality asphalt maintenance throughout Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois. Our crews fill potholes, seal cracks, apply seal coating, and perform infrared patching.

The sooner you repair deteriorating asphalt surfaces, the less it costs – water infiltration and erosion get progressively worse as the pavement drops into disrepair. Asphalt pavement gradually changes from dark black to faded grey as the top layer of bitumen erodes, exposing the grey aggregate. Here’s a more thorough breakdown of the maintenance we perform:

Seal Coating

Seal Coating helps protect against water infiltration and oxidation, which prevents cracking and potholes. The surface will also look better for longer. It is recommended to apply seal coating every 3-5 years. Keeping up with this application schedule prolongs the life of asphalt concrete by decades.

Crack Sealing

Water infiltration, excessive heavy vehicle traffic and base failure can cause cracks in your asphalt pavement surface. We can repair these cracks easily with a hot pour mix, eliminating the need to replace the entire upper layer of the asphalt concrete.

The hot crack sealer is rubberized, so it’s waterproof and will expand and contract along with the pavement during seasonal temperature changes. If you allow cracks to go unsealed, water will continue to travel into the base structure causing deeper damage that will deteriorate the base. Annual pavement crack inspection is recommended to avoid substantial repair costs long term.


If you experience significant damage or deterioration in an area of your asphalt pavement, removal and replacement of that specific area may be possible. It is necessary to check if the issue was caused by excessive ground water or poor soil conditions – in which case initial fixes should be applied before patching the area. Asphalt Contractors Inc. will evaluate, recommend and provide the best procedure for this form of maintenance.

Signs of Asphalt Damage

  • Fading Color
  • Rough Surface Texture
  • Oil Spots
  • Cracks several feet apart that look like large rectangular blocks
  • Transverse cracks (right angles from the main traffic flow)
  • Longitudinal cracks (parallel to the main traffic flow)
  • Large Puddles
  • Rutting or high spots
  • Signs of Asphalt Pavement Distress:
  • Ruts in the wheel paths
  • Waves in Pavement Surface
  • Potholes
  • Water pumping to surface
  • Wrinkling of the surface layer

Having a professional asphalt maintenance plan is important for minimizing damage from normal wear and tear, and keeping more costly problems from arising in the future. If you notice any signs of damage or distress, contact us immediately.

Asphalt Contractors Inc. Can Handle All of Your Asphalt Needs

When it comes to asphalt paving your driveway or parking lot, you can count on Asphalt Contractors Inc. to handle any size job. We have the right equipment and trained professionals to ensure your finished surface is even, sets properly, and will continue to last for years to come. Our skilled professionals provide precise application and assure that your asphalt holds up to even the harshest weather conditions.

When it is time for repair, we’ll be there to fix any cracks or potholes.

Asphalt Maintenance Wauwatosa WI

Asphalt Contractors Inc. provides the highest quality services at prices that are sure to fit your budget. Our hardworking team is dedicated to creating outstanding paved surfaces for businesses and communities in our area.

We are proud to provide our paving and maintenance services in growing cities including Lake Geneva, Elkhorn, Waterford, Burlington, Wind Lake, Franklin, Union Grove, and surrounding areas in Racine and Milwaukee County.

We deliver all of our services with the same commitment to quality and timeliness.

From planning and project management, excavation and site preparation, milling and pulverizing, crushing, and asphalt paving we’ve got you covered.

Milwaukee’s Asphalt Maintenance Contractor of Choice

If you own a residential or commercial property, it’s likely you have an asphalt driveway or parking lot. Take care of your pavement and investment by choosing Asphalt Contractors Inc. as your maintenance provider. Home owners, apartment managers, stores, business parks, municipalities, and many other facilities in Milwaukee have trusted Asphalt Contractors Inc. with their pavement repair and sealing needs; and they’re all completely satisfied with that decision today.

When traffic wear, weather, or another unfortunate event makes your asphalt less than desirable, call us for a reliable and easy fix!

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